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GDJD exports is a well established trading company headquartered at Chennai, India with operations spread across the world. Started with a singular objective of supplying high quality yarns and fabrics sourced from India’s leading spinning mills, we have grown to offer a wide range of fabrics spanning multiple textures, materials and functions. Founded in 1882, we have the unique distinction of being one of the oldest trading houses in the country, and have built lasting relationships with our sourcing and distribution partners that go back several decades. This trust and mutual enterprising allows us to provide a seamless experience across the verticals. 133 years since our inception, we as a company have survived economic downturns, political unrest and a shaky economy to always come out on top. We attribute this success to our unwavering adherence to the principles of Integrity, striving for Perfection and remaining fiercely Competitive. Lead by a passionate management team – the right mix of youth and experience, we now boast of valuable trade relations with 45 countries across 5 continents, powered by a government recognized Star Export House. Right on course to becoming an MNC in the coming years with a world class brand, we will leave no stone unturned in creating a lasting legacy.

Our Partner Network


China, Korea, United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Philippines, Pakistan


South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Sudan


Germany, Switzerland, UK, France, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Belgium,  Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland



United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Guatemala

The Americas


We at GDJD strive to provide the finest products at competitive prices to our esteemed clients around the globe. It is our privilege to bring the best of India to far reaching corners of the world – our own brand of patriotism. In line with our commitment to all stakeholders, we adhere to the following management mantras that continue to guide our success today.

  • When we transact with someone, we can only win if they win too
  • We have always chosen to be the best we can, rather than be the biggest
  • We walk the talk, not just talk the talk
  • Success is just a consequence of amazing customer service
  • Customers don’t buy into our warranty, they buy into our integrity and dependability
  • We will always remain fiercely competitive, provide best value for money
  • It is our duty and privilege to give back to society


We are driven by a vision of being India’s best multi-commodity exporter surpassing expectations on quality, timely service and trust.


We will achieve this by diversifying our portfolio as we expand into a Multi National Corporation. Ensuring world class service at every exchange, we aim to leave behind a proud legacy of scrupulous integrity and happy customers.

Quality Policy

“We are what we ship, and we are never less than the very best.”


As we look back over a century of prosperity and a few decades to spare, the secret of our constance in this industry through several turbulent times becomes clear: an unwavering dedication to the highest quality of service.


We begin with sourcing from only the best manufacturers, a widespread high quality distributor network we have built over the years adhering to the most stringent certifications and process checks.

Next, our team of in-house experts conducts continuous inspection for each batch, so that every shipment adheres to our highest standards.

Lastly, we actively seek feedback from our clients to address the tiniest of issues, so that with each order, we incrementally move towards perfection – the highest quality to strive for.

Strategic Focus

GDJD stands at a point of inflection today. Over the years, we have spread our roots deep into the trading ecosystem, gathering invaluable experience and forging lasting relationships across the globe. As we gear up to execute our ambitious vision of becoming India’s best and largest multi-commodity trading MNC, we face the challenge of maintaining our award winning service quality across industry verticals.

To achieve this, we are building a team of driven individuals who share our passion for customer delight and ambition for becoming a global leader in our trade.


We are confident that with our ever enduring stance on quality and your continued support, we will be successful in bringing brand GDJD to newer and more exciting markets.

Leadership Team

Bharat Shah


The man at the helm, Mr. Shah is a charismatic leader who drives the company forward, taking the GDJD family along with his social and inclusive nature.A lawyer by education, he brings a keen sense of reason to the table, complemented by scrupulous research and expertise gained as a post graduate in foreign trade studies. Multi-lingual with a love for scriptures and literature, he has traveled extensively for over 35 years and his wisdom and knowledge of places is nothing short of astounding. Mr. Shah makes it a point to dedicate time to charitable organizations like the Chinmaya mission and the Rotary club, working for social and educational causes.

Tapan Shah


Dynamism personified, this new age leader brings with him youthful zest and a burning passion for growth across verticals.

With a potent combination of M.Sc in International Business from the Manchester Business School and an MBA in Family Business Management from the Indian School of Business, Mr. Tapan is poised to take the company global through its next great growth surge.of

He is a skilled negotiator, drawing on his travels and many languages to take stock on any situation, and is the quintessential go-to guy, a true jack-of-all-trades.


An animal lover and voracious reader, Mr. Tapan is also active in the Rotary circles.